Sweet and Savory Box


Every mouth innately knows that sweet and savory were made for each other. After putting on our fancy pants one day we too noticed our Black Truffle Olive Oil and Peach White Balsamic were truly a match made in heaven. And so the Branches Sweet Peach And Savory Black Truffle gift box was born.

Black truffles have made their way into popular cuisine around the globe by their distinctive umami (o͞o – mommy) taste. Umami is the fifth of the five basic tastes, also described as savory. Blended with extra virgin olive oil, our black truffle olive oil has received acclaim due to its strength and authenticity of flavor. Branches Peach White Balsamic is made in Modena, Italy from local grapes and aged in oak barrels. The peaches are picked perfectly ripe, crushed and left to ferment naturally, then added for a sweet and fruity vinegar. Use this oil and vinegar duo with your favorite cheese and accouterments board. But don’t forget the Just For Cheese Fig Jam included to truly make this the perfect cheese board compliment.